Teaching reading with synthetic phonics

   Teaching young children phonics sounds

Learning to read with Phonic Songs PirateThe idea for the songs was created about four years ago whilst teaching young children to read using a synthetic phonics scheme.   Having taught young children for many years I was aware of the importance of communication and learning through songs and music and I wanted to tap into children’s enthusiasm for singing. I also wanted to encourage parents and younger siblings to join in with the songs at home and thereby support the phonics learning that was taking place in school.

Working with preschools

MLearning to read with PhonicSongs Dinosaury local pre-school also expressed interest and came along to several phonics workshops that I was running. Over time parents and pre-school practitioners requested copies of the songs and so I worked together with other staff to put together a song book and CD to support phonics learning at home and at school. Members of a local Women’s Institute were keen to get involved in the project and spent many hours knitting the characters for the book illustrations.

A phonics learning resource

The book and CD have been received with greatLearning to read with Phonics Songs Queen enthusiasm by parents, siblings and practitioners and we are finding that children are coming into school with a greater awareness of phonic sounds and a passion and enthusiasm to learn. The songs are sung by young children and have British pronounciation.