Learning phonics through songs

Latest news: The PhonicSongs App

The PhonicSongs App is now available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The app contains all 36 songs and associated pictures that are in the book and on the CD. This supports the learning of reading using the synthetic phonics approach recommended by the UK government.

A video showing the PhonicSongs App in action:

There are two versions of the app: a Demo version contains 3 of the songs and can be installed free-of-charge to allow users to trial the app on their Android device. The full app, containing all 36 songs, can be purchased via the Google Play Store.

The PhonicSongs Google Play Store section can be found via the following link:



Song book and CD

We have produced a song book and accompanying CD to support the learning of reading using the synthetic phonics approach recommended by the UK government. The song book is arranged to follow formal synthetic phonics teaching schemes popular with many schools.

The songs encourage children to have an awareness of phonic sounds at an early age in preparation for when they begin to learn to read.

Suitable for home use, nursery, pre-school and school to aid transition

The song book is suitable for nursery and pre-school children and for the teaching of reading within the early-years foundation stage. We have been using the songs for a number of years within early years classrooms and local pre-schools with great success: parents have been using the book at home to provide a learning environment that ensures children start school with a firm grounding in the pure phonics sounds. This approach has considerably eased transition into school for them. Before they start school the children have already been introduced to the phonics sounds, songs and the characters of the book. This familiarity helps increase children’s confidence to join in with the fun side of learning to read and helps them progress rapidly with their reading skills.

The feedback to date has been very positive. Parents and children love the songs and at school we are noticing that the children have a much greater awareness of the phonic sounds when they join our reception classes and begin to learn to read.

Why PhonicSongs?

Pre-schools, nurseries and schools across the country are showing interest in our teaching resource. Although there are already a number of good learning resources that use songs to teach phonics, we created the phonics song book specifically for use alongside popular synthetic phonics teaching schemes where such resources were lacking. The songs are based on simple well-known tunes that children and their families can learn easily and that parents can use to teach at home.

With a song and character for every letter of the alphabet the song book is accessible to all children and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. The aim is to get families singing so that the sounds of the letters of the alphabet will become very familiar to young children. With an emphasis on enjoyment and inclusion these songs can be enjoyed by all under fives!

Song book and CD content

The songbook and CD contain 36 easy-to-sing songs set to 14 traditional tunes in support of synthetic phonics teaching. These songs can be sung at school, at nursery, at pre-school, at home, in the car, walking along the street, with friends and with family. Children can follow the words in the book and begin to recognise initial sounds in words.

Our web site includes example pages of the song book and some videos that give a flavour of the CD content.

Purchase on-line

The songbook with CD can be purchased online from our shop. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal, all via Paypal’s secure facilities. Please note it is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

Alternatively, the PhonicSongs app for Android devices and be purchased from the Google Play Store.