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Using the songbook and CD to help children learn phonics

The songbook and CD have been used in our local schools and pre-schools for over a year to help children learn phonics.

All our feedback has been positive. From a survey with 39 respondents, with children at school or pre-school, all agreed that:PhonicSongs Pirate

  • The songbook and CD has helped their child become more confident when learning phonics sounds
  • The songbook and CD helped support learning at home
  • They would recommend the songbook to a friend
  • Their children enjoyed using the book

Here are some comments we have received from parents and practitioners:

  • “Our daughter loves listening to this in the car and reading the book at the same time. Her younger sister who has just turned 3 is happily singing along with her!”
  • “My child uses this songbook everyday!”
  • “It is a fantastic CD with easy to learn rhyming. The book that goes with the CD also encourages reading and with learning the CD first it helps the children to recognise words. Brilliant! Well done Mrs King.”
  • “…..loves singing along to the phonics songs. He remembers most of the songs and sounds the letters out. I think it is very good.”
  • “A super way for parents also to learn the sounds! Thanks very much.”
  • “I bought this CD and book before school started. I was amazed how easy and fun it is for ……….. to learn the sounds. ………managed to learn all the sounds and songs when she started school. I’m very pleased with this book and CD. I have already recommended it to my friends.”
  • “Just thought I’d let you know that I started using your phonics CD at nursery today and the children absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped singing the songs all day!” (Nursery Practitioner, April 2014)
  • “Singing the songs from the CD ensures a consistent approach from home, pre-school and school. The song book has certainly been a great success and we highly recommend this book and CD to parents and carers.” (Pre-school Leader, Nov 2013)